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Up to % APR

Pylon enables
sustainable transactions between
users and creators.

Pylon aligns the interests of both users and creators involved in long-term value exchanges via simple user deposits and stable yield payouts over time. Pylon's products build on low-volatile yield-bearing protocols in order to unlock a new suite of options for payments and savings.

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Pylon powers

Pylon powers


Payments via yield

Payments via yield

Deposit your Terra stablecoins for access to perks and services powered by yield redirection.

Retrievable deposits

Retrievable deposits

Withdraw and retrieve your full principal upon subscription expiry, base capital untouched.

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Pylon powers

Terra’s token launchpad.

For Investors

For Investors

Make lossless investments while accessing all the benefits of being an early investor.

For Project Teams

For Project Teams

Customize your blockchain project fundraising while receiving consistent payouts via yield.

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Pylon enables

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Any service provider platforms that bridge users and creators will be able to easily integrate Pylon's software, widget, and SDK to accept payments via yield. Pylon has forthcoming applications in service payments, philanthropy, patronage, investments, rentals, and savings.

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